Linus Health

Linus Health LogoLinus Health is a platform that helps providers catch cognitive impairment early and efficiently

Overview – Project Details

Development Time: 1 Year
Platform: iOS, Android, Web
Roles: Engineering Manager: Pharma, Research, & Development – Engineering Manager: Mobile
Tools: Jira, React Native, Typescript, AWS, React, Confluence

Overview – Synopsis

Linus was a rapidly growing startup, and I joined as the team’s first Mobile Engineering Manager. It was a wonderful experience and challenge, developing a strong and effective mobile team that could handle the complexities of a global and diverse group of developers. During my time as the Mobile Manager, I oversaw the development and release of multiple mobile products. Starting in 2023, I transitioned into the role of the Engineering Manager for the Pharma, Research, & Development team, where I helped to coordinate and build a number of distinct product across mobile and web platforms.