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March 2022 – Current

Engineering Manager: Pharma, Research, & Development – Engineering Manager: Mobile

Linus Health Platform (iOS, Android, Web)

• Established foundational best practices for the software development teams under my care, reducing release times from 3-4 months per release down to monthly scheduled releases, delivering features faster and with greater predictability for marketing and customers

• Coordinated between Engineering, Product, UX, and Data Science teams to effectively plan roadmaps and prioritize on the development of the most impactful features. Development roadmaps went from ad hoc to clearly defined and structured for the short, mid, and long-term KPI objectives of the company

• Took ownership of unowned legacy products. Built a plan to sunset these products, move customers to modern platforms, and reduce maintenance/development costs

January 2021 – March 2022

Principal Developer, Founder

Lore Engine (iOS, Android, Web)

• Architected full stack for product in React Native for frontend and AWS Lambda microservices for back end, implementing highly maintainable and scalable frameworks

• Designed UI/UX for all platforms, with attention to details for differences between phone, tablet, and web experiences

Jun 2015 – September 2020

Senior Software Development Engineer

Smartsheet (iOS, Android Apps – RESTful API)

• Led development of core C++ business logic engine for iOS and Android native apps, enabling team to focus on crafting exceptional user experiences

• Led company-wide adoption of OpenAPI (Swagger) for describing public and private APIs, improving cross-team communication of designs, and setting the standard for improved automated testing of RESTful API

• Directed focus on cross-team communication and planning, ensuring a unified vision for technical designs across departments, allowing features to ship on time across all platforms with minimal cost

• Built and maintained CI/CD system with Jenkins and other tools to automate and standardize build process, rapidly identify bugs, and reduce team bottlenecks by bringing build times down from 2+ hour waits to 5 minutes

• Wrote unit tests in C++ (Boost), Java (JUnit), and Swift/Objective C (XCTest) for core business logic of mobile apps, brining test coverage from 0% to >95%

Aug 2014 – Nov 2014

QA Engineer

Fulcrum Technologies (CATS Mobility)

• Established foundations and guidelines of new QA department for established product

• Developed test case management solution, set standards of quality for deliverables

• Area ownership of mobile devices product – functionality, usability, performance

• Developed automation tools for Android and mobile device testing

Apr 2014 – Aug 2014

Team Lead – Test Associate

343 Industries (Halo 5)

• Responsible for operations of 8 person team, delegating tasks, managing scope

• Developed and maintained test cases, area ownership, documentation authoring

Sept 2013 – Jan 2014

Design Lead

Skepsys Games (Bravado, Untitled Project)

• Lead team in the production of a digital game prototype and physical card game

• Focus on cost/benefit decisions in producing commercial products

Jun 2007 – July 2010

Test Associate

Bungie (Halo 3 TU2, DLC3-5 – Halo 3: ODST – Halo: Reach)

• Performed variety of test passes, filed bug reports, submitted status reports

• Managed internal wiki of Test documentation, developed test tools

• Provided training, managed small test teams for test passes


Aug 2010 – May 2013

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Aug 2005 – May 2007

Bachelor of Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation

DigiPen Institute of Technology


• JavaScript / TypeScript (React Native, React Native Web)
• Python
• C++ 17
• Swift
• Objective C
•  Java
•  C#


• AWS Lambda
• Serverless Framework
• Xcode (iOS)
• Android Studio (Android)
•  Visual Studio Code

Other Tools

• Jira
• Confluence
• Amazon Web Services Cognito
• DynamoDB
• Git (GitHub Administrator)
• TestRail (Administrator)
• OpenAPI / Swagger
• Jenkins (Administrator)